When is Asparagus in Season?

Because of the high demand for asparagus, growers have found ways to make this vegetable available all throughout the year.

The best time for asparagus however is spring. It is when this spear-shaped vegetable is at its freshest. Stalls at the farmer’s market abound with fresh asparagus harvest beginning February all the way to the month of June. April is considered to be asparagus’ peak month.

Asparagus is a perennial plant with a short season. Its production cost is also high which makes it one of the more expensive vegetables in the market. Why is the production cost of growing asparagus high? It’s because this vegetable needs to be picked by hand.

When allowed to grow, the leaves of the asparagus turn fern-like and so they must be harvested strictly by hand while the edible stalks have not yet fully developed. Another thing that makes it expensive is growers must wait three years from the time the vegetable was sown before they can begin to harvest the first stalks.

The life span of the asparagus is about ten years. It can grow as big as 150 centimetres with the female smaller than the male because spends part of its energy in see production. Stalks of the male asparagus are usually larger and are sought after. Because of this, new asparagus cultivars have been bred which produce only male asparagus.