What are the Best Companion Plants for Asparagus?

There is a buzzing trend about buying organic produce because of the health benefits it offers. To counteract the onset of diseases and pests and ultimately grow crops that are pesticide-free, what growers do is adopt companion planting.

Although asparagus does not really have any enemies like other vegetables, there are some crops that when planted alongside asparagus becomes beneficial for both crops. What are some of these vegetables?

It is believed that herbs such as basil, parsley, dill, comfrey and coriander are acceptable companions of asparagus. Vegetables like carrots and tomatoes and flowers from the Aster family such as marigolds are also beneficial.

There are a number of plants though that you should not plant with asparagus. Potatoes, garlic, onions and gladiolus are not friends with this delicious spear so you should avoid having them near your asparagus bed.

Hollyhocks also do not compliment asparagus as they encourage the onset of a disease called Asparagus Rust.

Educated companion planting will reduce your dependence on pesticides. Although it can keep pests away from your asparagus, its effect on humans when ingested is not yet completely known.