The Proper Way of Harvesting Asparagus

One of the most expensive vegetables around is the asparagus. This is primarily because the production cost to grow it is high on account of the fact that it can only be harvested by hand.

Cultivating your own asparagus in your backyard then is a practical choice for many asparagus-lovers. But after taking care of them for so long, how is the harvest done? How do you properly pick the spears?

There is a way to do it. Asparagus stalks are typically ready to be harvested when they reach a height of about six to ten inches above the top soil, but without the buds opening yet. You can use your fingers to simply snap off each spear near ground level. The stubs that would be left on the ground will dry, but don’t worry. New spears will soon grow.

Nevertheless, some people do not like seeing the stubs decomposing so what they do is use a knife to cut the stalk an inch or so below the soil. You can also do the same. The only setback to this harvest method is you risk damaging developing buds on the crown.

Continue picking spears for about five to eight weeks during the initial harvest. After that, let the plant grow foliage and get its vigour back for the next season’s harvest.

It is also wiser to pick asparagus spears every other day to avoid the stalks from becoming fibrous and woody. When during the season you notice the diameter of the spears go down to 3/8 of an inch thick or less than the thickness of a pencil, discontinue harvest to allow your crops to grow in preparation for next year.