The Origin of Asparagus

It is believed that the asparagus originally came from the east Mediterranean. However, there are also traces of the vegetable, the wild kind, which archaeologists found in Africa. The delicious spear has also been depicted in hieroglyphs in Egypt which means it’s possible the vegetable’s history also began there.

Indeed, there are many claims as to the origin of this succulent vegetable. But no matter where it really came from, asparagus is one vegetable many people love.

The name asparagus came from the ancient Greek word “aspharagos” which means sprout. This name, in turn, is an offspring of the Persian word “asparag” which means stalk or shoot. Cultivated for over 5,000 years the asparagus has recipes that are really old, so old that it dates back to the ancient Romans, Greeks and Romans.

Ancient Greeks viewed the spear-like vegetable as sacred because of its medicinal and aphrodisiac properties. The Romans love this vegetable so much they do not wait for asparagus season to eat it—they preserve asparagus for winter use. In fact, there are records that show asparagus being frozen as early as the first century AD. The Romans would carry fresh asparagus in chariots and take them from the Tibet River all the way to the Alps where they store it for six months.

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