The Good Asparagus Can Do to Your Health

Like most vegetables, asparagus is nutritious and including it in your diet will surely prove to be beneficial to your health.

But asparagus is not just nutritious—it’s a power house of vitamins and minerals that can do a lot of wonders for your body. Some of the health benefits of eating asparagus include:

Body detoxification ~ This vegetable is known to help remove toxins from the body. A cup of asparagus contains about three grams of fibre, a substance that aids in the cleaning of the digestive system. With fibre, the toxins in the body are flushed out more effectively.

Prevents birth defects ~ Are you pregnant or at least thinking of getting pregnant? Eat asparagus. This vegetable has a high folate-content that helps prevent the development of birth defects such as spina bifida and anencephaly.

Slows down the ageing process ~ No one wants to grow old—or at least, look it. You can slow down the effects of ageing by eating asparagus. It is rich is glutathione, an antioxidant that protects cells and fights free radicals in the body.

Prevents bone loss ~ With age comes not just wrinkles but also bone loss. But you can prevent the onset of osteoporosis and even osteoarthritis by including asparagus in your diet. It is rich in Vitamin K, a vitamin that is responsible for bone repair and bone formation. In fact, asparagus is the number one source of vitamin K in whole foods.

Relieves PMS symptoms ~ Do you usually get cranky and physically bloated before getting your menstrual period? Asparagus can help these Pre-Menstrual Syndrome symptoms. It has magnesium, a mineral which relieves irritability, depression, fatigue and swelling caused by menstruation.