The Best Asparagus Soup Recipe: Cream of Asparagus

Ah, the delicious scent of asparagus soup in the air, the warm liquid going down your stomach warming your insides. It’s the perfect food during a cold night or when one is sick. With asparagus soup, your body would definitely appreciate the nutrients it has.

To make the best cream of asparagus soup, you would need the following ingredients:

~3/4 pounds of fresh asparagus, washed and sliced into pieces half an inch in size
~ two tablespoons of butter
~ two cups of fresh milk
~ two tablespoons of flour
~ salt and ground pepper to taste
~ water

After preparing the necessary ingredients, begin by making the white sauce for your soup. Put a saucepan over low heat and melt the butter. Add the flour, a dash of salt and ground pepper and stir everything to blend the ingredients together.

Once the texture is smooth, pour the fresh milk. Stir slowly until the liquid thickens before turning off the heat and setting it aside.

Blanch the asparagus stalks in a separate bowl. Boil the spears in water for a few minutes or until it turns a bright green colour. Drain all the excess water but do not discard it. Transfer it in a bowl. Blend the blanched asparagus until it smooth.

Put the liquid (the one used to blanch the asparagus) under low heat and add the blended asparagus and milk mixture. Stir. Add water if it’s too thick. Season with salt and pepper.