The Best Asparagus Festivals

With the many asparagus festivals in existence, it’s quite apparent how much people love this spear-like vegetable. Now what are some of these asparagus celebrations?

- The British Asparagus Festival in the Vale of Evesham. They typically celebrate on the third week of April and goes on until the end of the following month. Here, you will be taught how to appreciate asparagus not just as your next-door vegetable but in so many different ways. Try eating asparagus ice cream and asparagus cake and see this vegetable in a different light!

The festival includes a farmers market, live music, local beer and even morris dancing. This is the biggest asparagus festival in the UK and should be a good day out for the whole family.

- The Cornwall Asparagus Festival. Cornwall has a reputation for producing some of the finest asparagus in the UK and this free one day festival is a celebration of that fact. The festival takes place at Penvention Park Hotel and involves recipe ideas, cooking demonstrations and lots of opportunities to taste some great asparagus treats. There is also a chance to purchase much more local produce from Cornwall farmers.

- The Stockton Asparagus Festival. Held in the city of Stockton in California, it is probably the biggest celebration of asparagus in the world. The festival is held in the last weekend of April and is known to attract over 100,000 visitors each year spread over 3 days – it has been going for 25 years. You get everything you would expect to find at a food festival plus a lot more! The event has celebrity chefs, multiple music and performer stages and lots of fun fair style rides and attractions.