Some Facts about Growing Asparagus

Planting asparagus is a very rewarding experience. Aside from helping you relax, it also puts a nutritious vegetable on your dining table.

If you want to have a successful harvest, there are several things you need to know about growing asparagus. Here are some them.

  • An asparagus plant will continue to be productive from 15 to as long as 20 years. This means it will be in your garden for quite some time. This is the exact reason why you should choose the asparagus variety you want to grow carefully. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck with eating an asparagus cultivar you do not really like.
  • Maintain adequate spacing for each asparagus plant. It will encourage air circulation and prevent diseases and pests. If you plant them too closely, the asparagus will produce small spears because of inadequate nutrition.
  • To avoid your asparagus from weakening and producing small spears, do not harvest the asparagus on their first year of the growing season. Wait on the second or third year and harvest them from six to eight weeks every year.
  • Never let the soil dry out while your asparagus spears are growing—that is, if you want to eat succulent asparagus. Leaving the soil devoid of moisture would produce woody, stringy stalks.
  • Asparagus will thrive in sandy, loamy soil with an acidity of 6 to 8pH. Fertilize regularly with high nitrogen fertilizer for maximum growth.