Planting Asparagus From Seeds

Growing asparagus from seeds is easy. If you are up to the job, then you will surely be rewarded with a fruitful harvest that will not just spare you from shelling out money, it will also be beneficial to your health.

How do you grow asparagus from seeds? You can actually grow them either in pots or directly in beds if you prefer. The best months to grow them are in the middle of April. This is the month where the ground is warm enough to support germination of the seeds.

Begin by soaking the seeds in warm water for a few hours to help speed up the germination process. Then, prepare the bed by raking it into a fine tilth. Sow the seeds approximately two inches into the ground and at least 12 inches apart from each other.

Keep the soil moist and weed-free. You should be able to see seedlings come out after three weeks. Thin them out as soon as they have grown big enough. Take out the female asparagus as soon as they have become identifiable.

You can also start asparagus seeds indoors. After soaking the seeds, sow them in pots with compost and place them in an area that is warm—preferably with a temperature of 18 degrees Celsius. Once the seedlings have sprouted, move the pot in a place that is light but out of direct sunlight.

Harden them off for about two weeks before transplanting them outside. Again, keep the soil well-watered and remove weeds as they sprout.