How to Know When to Harvest Asparagus: The Tell-Tale Signs

There are vegetables that must be harvested before they become fully mature and there are some you must pick right when they are fully-grown. What about asparagus?

There are specific signs that would tell you if the time is right for the asparagus to be picked. One of the tell-tale signs is its size. When asparagus spears reached a length of about six to nine inches—or about the size of your small finger—then, they are most likely ready to be harvested.

The thickness of the stalks is not really an indicator of how tender the asparagus is going to be. So if the diameter is small, it does not really mean anything else other than it is, well, small. The most important sign of the tenderness of the spears is at the tips. If the tips are tight and closed, then you can be sure the asparagus is tender. When the tips become loose and starts to open up, it means you have delayed harvesting them.

Typically, asparagus started from crowns can be harvested as early as a year after planting it. If you started them from seeds, it won’t be ready until after at least two years.