How to Distinguish If an Asparagus is Fresh

If you have only tried eating asparagus that comes in cans, you’re missing a lot. Fresh asparagus tastes so much better than the persevered kind. But when buying fresh asparagus, how would you know they are indeed fresh? What are the tell-tale signs?

Asparagus is at its freshest during springtime. But of course, being popular and widely cultivated, it is available all throughout the year. If you are shopping for asparagus and it’s not yet spring, you might want to decide first of allif you’d like the green, purple or white kind.

After that comes the size. Should you go for big ones or thinner, smaller spears? Size is really a matter of personal choice. But take note that asparagus is not like other vegetables where the size is a determinant factor of its texture. With this veggie, it’s not “the smaller, the younger, the more tender.” But rather, the thicker asparagus, the more tender it is.

Yes, thicker spears are more tender than thin ones. How come? Asparagus all have a fixed number of fibres in them whether the spear is thin or thick. These fibres are more spread out in thicker stalks which is why their texture is not as “fibrous” as thin ones.

Fresh asparagus must have compact tips that are tightly closed. Its body must be straight and firm-looking. Its colour must be bright of its variety. Asparagus that has overstayed on the shelf has signs of dryness at the base of the stem.

If the tip of the asparagus is a little bent on one side, don’t worry. This veggie surprisingly keeps on growing even after they have been picked which results to the bent tips.

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