Did You Know This About Asparagus?

A lot of information about asparagus is as interesting as the taste of the vegetable itself. Some are even downright surprising! Did you know any of these facts about asparagus?

  • We don’t usually notice plants and crops grow until after a couple of weeks, months even. But asparagus can grow as big as ten inches in just a period of 24 hours! How surprising is that?
  • Have you noticed that this spring vegetable has a phallic shape? This shape could probably be the reason why asparagus has been considered an aphrodisiac in its long history.
  • The scale-like shapes you can see near the tip of the asparagus are actually immature leaves.
  • After eating asparagus, some people find their urine a bit odorous. That’s because asparagus has asparagusic acid that the body converts to methanethiol, a chemical that’s not unlike skunk spray. However, some individuals are immune to this effect, just like some are unable to detect its smell.
  • Suffering from hangover? Had a little too much to drink? Eat asparagus. Studies show asparagus can help ease the effects caused by alcohol such as headaches. This spear-like veggie also protects the liver by boosting enzymes that work to break down toxins from the alcohol.
  • Commercially grown asparagus are all harvested by hand which is one of the reasons why this vegetable is a bit pricey.
  • Asparagus comes in three colors: green, purple and white. Green is the one we are most familiar with. White is the same as the green asparagus but is grown in the dark which makes it white. Purple asparagus is purple because it has been genetically modified. It loses its colour when you cook it.