Asparagus Varieties for Growing

There are so many varieties of asparagus today, both hybrid and not. Out of all these, which specific variety should you choose to grow for your garden?

Because asparagus can last as long as 15 to 20 years, it is extremely important to choose the right kind of asparagus cultivar for you. Otherwise, you will be stuck with a breed you do not like for a long, long time.
Here are some of the most popular asparagus choices for growing.

Mary Washington

Rust is the number one disease that affects asparagus. The Mary Washington variety is a kind of asparagus that is resistant to rust which is why it is one of the favourites of home gardeners. Mary Washington is open-pollinated and produces rich, green spears that are ideal for freezing.

Guelph Millenium

This asparagus variety is also rust-resistant and very hardy. It is ideal not just for backyard growing but for commercial production, too. It usually emerges late so it escapes the damage caused by spring frost. Subtypes under Guelph Millenium include Jersey Giant and Jersey Knight.


A clonal di-hybrid asparagus, Apollo is resistant not just to rust but also to Fusarium, cercospora and phoma. It is an early variety that has a green colour that turns dark green right at the tips which, by the way, is tight and tapered. It is ideally planted in warmer climates as it is heat tolerant and produces spears before the temperature turns hot.

Jersey Giant Asparagus Roots

If there’s one type of asparagus ideal for eating fresh, that’s the Jersey Giant Asparagus Roots. It can be grown in almost all zones. It is resistant to most diseases that affect asparagus and will reward growers with harvest for a long, long time.

Other asparagus types to choose from include Pacific Purple, Gijnlim, Jersey Giant, Eros, Jersey Giant, Backlim, and Thielim.