Asparagus: The Correct Planting Position

Knowing how to correctly position asparagus is important in their growth because it helps in preventing the onset of diseases and helps in their overall health.

When an asparagus is not planted properly—for instance, they were planted too close together—the tendency is for the air not to circulate. When that happens, diseases are harboured and the asparagus is affected consequently.

The correct way to plant asparagus is to position them at least nine inches apart. The maximum distance between one asparagus to another must be 12 inches. The depth must be approximately six inches.

If you are planting crowns, the bud side must face upwards. It must be upright, centered and positioned a little bit higher than the roots. Also make sure to spread the roots out in a uniform way before covering them with soil.

Which specific area in your garden should you plant your crop? The soil of the area where you intend to plant your asparagus must be well-drained, more so after a heavy rain or watering. It must provide full sunlight whether it is summer or winter. Thus, it must be a wide, open area which can accommodate seasonal changes in sun position.